3M X2 Rear Quarter Side Glass Window Seal for Renault Clio MK3






High Quality Seals with 3M double sided tape to safely secure the rubber behind the glass.

This product helps seal the vehicle up against road noise, and keeps dust and debris outside the cabin.

It is a very common wear item, and is very simple to replace.

Please follow these instructions during installation:

Primer applicator (not essential)

Glue/tar remover

Hairdryer or heat gun

Microfibre cloth

Soft brush

APC cleaner or diluted citrus wash

Fairy liquid or shampoo

So first thing is removal. Bit of heat aimed at the seal and the glass and work it out that way.

Usually what you’ll find now is a lot of dirt. Grab your APC cleaner and just spray and work in with a soft brush. Be careful of paint surfaces not to scratch. Keep drying with the microfibre

Once you have a clean surface you should be left with just the glass, but that is not the case usually. There will probably be glue deposits left and this is where the tar remover comes in. Apply liberally and work in. Take the primer applicator, and handle side wrapped with the microfibre. Then work down the back of the glass. It should take a lot of debris out. Any loose bits try and fish out.

Once you’re happy with how clean it is, give the glass and seal area another blast with the APC cleaner, dry, and then with the hairdryer to dry any product remaining.

The seals are sided, so you want the tape facing the glass as if it were to stick to it, and the seal should have a flat side. Make sure that goes to the body.

Before fitting, apply a little bit of lubricant to the back side. Not much, but this helps massively.

Wiggle the seal in, line it up with the vinyl top on the door, and again using the primer applicator handle wrapped in the microfibre, place in behind the seal and work it tight to the glass. Give the seal a little heat from the hairdryer to help activate the glue in the tape, and leave the door open for 10 mins while you are satisfied the seal is in the correct place.

Repeat for other side.


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